PROTECT YA NECK PT 2 That the Shit I don’t Like

“A broken foot, that’s the shit I don’t like. Broken bones, surgery, that’s the shit I don’t like. Skinny legs, plaster casts and atrophy, that’s the shit I don’t like.” Ok so those aren’t Chief Keef  exact words, but if he were me, they would be. 

I had a simple crash that left me with a Lisfranc fracture which is not a simple injury. A few little broken bones are one thing, but the separation is the culprit to my pain and the reason for my now 3 permanent screws. Although I was wearing full gear, clearly something went wrong. Since my crash, I have a personal mission to find the best boots.

Alpinestars (which I was NOT wearing during the crash) started as a boot company, motocross to be exact. They are and have been leaders in technical gear for a nearly 50 years in various motorsports. They are awesome to say the least. I mean come on, these mutherfuckers put airbags in their tracksuits!!! More on Tech Air soon, but first, I recently spoke with Nic Sims from the Alpinestars  technical department specifically about dirt riding essentials, collars and boots and what testing Alpinestars does protect and serve us riders. 

image: Stefani Pappas

boot: Tech 8 

collar: Bionic Neck Support CF

model: Charlie Hunter Paille @ Next

“For the neck brace, there were tests performed by a medical lab on cadavers to see what happens when you land on your head, it showed that the hyperflexion and hyperextensionare not the causes of catastrophic neck injury, it is the compression that breaks necks. “

image: Stefani Pappas

boot: Tech 10 

model: Nick Madrid 

“A variety of tests that we perform to make sure that we can certify our protective gear to the various CE certifications, it involves dropping a weight with different shaped anvils onto the gear being tested. The anvils are shaped to stimulate a rock or curb stone. We also crush test for boots to measure the force it takes to crush a boot.”


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