Mark McNairy x Timberland Boots

APC camo jacket, Edwin jeans, Mark McNairy x Timberland boots

Mark McNairy – Mr McNasty, King of Fucked Up Ivy League, Master of American Classics – call him what you want as long as you acknowledge that he  knows how to rock a collab and make it his own. He’s gone through several shoes brands, some of them not so exciting, but  it was all worth the wait when you see his badass Timberland boots. They’re as comfy as you expect Timberlands to be but to add a touch of attitude, McNairy took the Waterproof Field Boot, built with a full-grain leather upper, and splashed a bit of his beloved camo-printed canvas on the side panels, just below the heavily padded collar. Nice one, mate.

David: How did you two hook up?  
Mark: Through my friend Andy Friedman, their director of sales. I wandered into his booth at the Capsule show, got to talking and many great things started happening!

David: What’s your relationship to Timberland?
Mark: The 6″ boot and the field boot are American classics so obviously I’m drawn to them. But it’s not a recent thing, I’ve been wearing them for as long as I can remember…

David: What did you do to them, what did you change?
Mark: I changed nubuck to fo’ real suede, and I added two of my classic colour combinations. I didn’t want to change too much – it’s the details that matter.

David: What makes Timberland great boots?
Mark: Their combined style and function; there was no way I could improve the function, so I made the style even mo’ better!

Photos by Steve Salter